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China Discuss West’s Decline in National People’s Congress

Deputies at this year’s National People’s Congress in Beijing tend to see the West as in decline, while the East rises. Photo: Xinhua

China lawmakers have West’s decline on their minds at ‘two sessions’

PUBLISHED: South China Morning Post

China’s annual government report skipped any mention of the United States, but Washington and its allies are definitely on the minds of the Chinese lawmakers meeting in Beijing this week.

While discussions are predominantly focused on domestic affairs, deputies at this year’s National People’s Congress tend to see the West as in decline, according to meeting minutes made available to journalists.

The lawmakers, some of them senior Chinese officials themselves, also see Washington as a main source of domestic and international uncertainties.

The People’s Liberation Army is expected to face “unprecedented” confrontation between major powers, said General Wei Fenghe, China’s minister of defence, in a Sunday discussion at the NPC.

“Against the backdrop of the decline of the West and the rise of the East, confrontation between major powers is unprecedented and we need to focus on responding to containment and suppression from the outside,” he said.